I.    General Information

What is the Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR)?
  • The Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR) is a publicly-available database of newly-approved health researches that includes clinical trials and non-clinical studies conducted in the Philippines. It became available online in August 2012, and uses opensource software “Joomla” which follows the industry standards in creating a content management system. It is housed at PCHRD and may be accessed at http://registry.healthresearch.ph
What type of researches can be found in the registry?
  • The PHRR contains all health-related research studies, both clinical trials and non-clinical studies. Clinical trials approved from July 15, 2012 onwards are required by FDA to be uploaded in the registry by virtue of FDA Circular 2012-007. 

Does the PHRR meet international requirements for a Trial Registry?

  • Yes, it follows the World Health Organization (WHO) standard for clinical trials registry.

What are the objectives of PHRR?

  • The objectives of the PHRR are the following: a) to track what kind of researches are going on, b) to know who funds what kind of project, c)to compel researchers to submit final reports for researches they conducted,  and d) to avoid duplication of researches.

How can I upload my research in PHRR?

  • To upload research information, organizations and researchers must first request for an account by writing a letter addressed to Dr. Jaime C. Montoya, Executive Director, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. The letter should be signed either by the head of office or the Director for Research of the Institution. The letter should specify the following: name of person/s who will be authorized to input to the database; their email address/es; title/s of approved research projects and Institution where research is connected. For clinical trials, include a scanned letter of approval to conduct clinical trial issued by FDA. The registry officer will send a temporary password to the nominated email address.
  • The account holder may now fill up the research information form online. The uploader will be notified through email when the information uploaded has been registered. A research ID number will be assigned for each individual study.

Will I need to update research information?

  • All uploaders are expected to update information at the registry at regular intervals, preferably every six months until study completion.

Are the CROs (Contract Research Organization) allowed to input clinical trial information in behalf of the sponsor?

  • Yes, provided that attending to regulatory affairs is part of their contract with the primary sponsor of the study. A study should only be uploaded once; regardless of the number of sites it is being conducted.

Should all drug development seek approval from Philippine Food and Drugs Development (FDA)?

  • Any clinical trial (all phases) related to drug development or for market authorization of the product should first seek the approval of the Philippine FDA.

How can I find more details about PHRR?

You can contact us by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), by phone (+632-8377534, +632-8377537, +632-8370031, or +632- 8370087), by fax (+632-8372924), or by writing to us at the Philippine Council for Health Research and Development, 3rd Floor DOST Main Building Gen. Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City

II.    Common problems/errors encountered in uploading a research:

1.    The website best operates in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Make sure to update your browser before accessing the site. The following are the list of browsers compatible to PHRR:

  • Internet Explorer 10
  • Firefox 32.0
  • Google Chrome 38.0
  • Safari 5.1.7
  • Opera 25.0

The website will show an error when you try to input text in an autosuggest field (that includes Implementing Agency, Cooperating Agency, Funding Agency, Investigating team, Affiliations under the Investigating team data field, and Ethics Review Board). Inform us that you are trying to input an Institution that does not appear in the autosuggest choices, and we will add this on our Lookup Library.

New Feature:

Digital Certificate Warning

The Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR) has recently adopted the SSL standard to address concern on data security. However, it utilizes a self-signed digital certificate, which causes a security warning to users who access the site, for the first time, after the launch of the digital certificate. When this warning shows up on the page, users can safely click the "Proceed anyway' link, confirm the exception on the browser. This warning will no longer show up the next time users visit the site using the same browser.

What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

It is a security protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines. It encrypts the information that gets passed from/to the end-users.

2.    As a researcher, I don’t want to disclose too much information regarding my research.
The details we are requesting would not in any way result to infringement of your intellectual properties. Only basic information about the project is required. The data fields would not require you to divulge any enabling information that can be used by others to copy your work.  

3.    Can I upload to the PHRR if I’m not based in the Philippines?
Philippine FDA requires a person based in the Philippines to be responsible for all information uploaded in the registry. He/she should have a local contact information. As such, we do not give accounts to persons outside the Philippines.
4.    Can we just download or link the data of our research from www.clinicaltrial.gov into the PHRR?
No, you can’t. There is no interoperability between www.clinicaltrial.gov and the PHRR.

5.    Can we print our uploaded research?
Yes, you can. We add another feature wherein researcher can print their uploaded research. Click the PDF button to print your research.

6.    Do you grant accounts to multiple accounts for one company/institution?
Yes, it is possible to have more than 1 person per company to upload researches. However, they can only access (edit) the studies that they uploaded.
Note: Data fields definitions are available under the Downloads section of the PHRR.