Aggregate Reports
Total # of Registered Studies: 574
Institution # of Studies % Against Total # of Studies
101 Health Research 1 study0.17%
A.T. Development Switzerland SARL 1 study0.17%
Ablynx NV 3 studies0.52%
Actelion Pharmaceutical Ltd. 1 study0.17%
Adamson University 2 studies0.35%
Advanced Science and Technology Institute, Department of Science and Technology 1 study0.17%
Adventist Technological Institute 1 study0.17%
Alcon Research Ltd. 1 study0.17%
Alexian Brothers Health and Wellness Center 4 studies0.70%
Alkermes, Inc. 2 studies0.35%
Allergan (North America) 2 studies0.35%
Allergan Healthcare Philippines, Inc. 8 studies1.39%
Allergan Inc. 1 study0.17%
Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes, Inc. 3 studies0.52%
Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center 12 studies2.09%
American Eye Center 2 studies0.35%
Amgen Inc. 1 study0.17%
Amgen Inc. - USA 1 study0.17%
Amylex Biotechnology Philippines, Inc. 1 study0.17%
Amylin Pharmaceuticals, LLC 1 study0.17%
Total # of Registered Studies: 574
Month/Year # of Studies % Against Total # of Studies
March 2018 6 studies1.05%
February 2018 7 studies1.22%
January 2018 6 studies1.05%
December 2017 3 studies0.52%
November 2017 4 studies0.70%
October 2017 11 studies1.92%
September 2017 7 studies1.22%
August 2017 18 studies3.14%
July 2017 14 studies2.44%
June 2017 12 studies2.09%
May 2017 7 studies1.22%
April 2017 4 studies0.70%
March 2017 5 studies0.87%
February 2017 8 studies1.39%
January 2017 8 studies1.39%
December 2016 5 studies0.87%
November 2016 11 studies1.92%
October 2016 8 studies1.39%
September 2016 8 studies1.39%
August 2016 15 studies2.61%
Total # of Registered Studies: 574
Research Classification Interventional Observational Total % Against Total # of Studies
Clinical Trial341 studies34 studies375 studies65.33%
Non-clinical StudiesN/A1 study199 studies34.67%
Total # of Registered Studies: 574
Primary Investigator # of Studies % Against Total # of Studies
Aaron Joseph L. Villaraza, PhD1 study0.17%
Abdias Aquino, MD2 studies0.35%
Abdulgalib I. Halud, MD1 study0.17%
Adonis Guancia, MD6 studies1.05%
Adovich Rivera, MD1 study0.17%
Adriel Guerrero, MD2 studies0.35%
Agnes B. Padilla, MD3 studies0.52%
Agnes Evangelista-Gorospe, MD1 study0.17%
Agnes Jean Villaflor, MD3 studies0.52%
Agnes Mejia, MD2 studies0.35%
Agnes Soriano-Estrella1 study0.17%
Agnettah M. Olorosa, RMT1 study0.17%
Aguedo Troy D. Gepte, MD1 study0.17%
Agustin Miguel Morales, MD2 studies0.35%
Agustina Abelardo, MD1 study0.17%
Aida C. Mallillin1 study0.17%
Aida Muncada, MD4 studies0.70%
Aileen David Wang, MD11 studies1.92%
Aiza Lucero Dilidili1 study0.17%
Albert Albay, Jr. MD7 studies1.22%
Total # of Registered Studies: 574
Regime Classification Priority Total %
2017 - 2022Global competitiveness and innovation in healthDrug discovery and development1 study0.17%
2010 - 2016Health FinancingOthers [Electronic PhilHealth membership verification and claims filing]1 study0.17%
Financial Risk Protection8 studies1.39%
Health Service DeliveryOthers [Improving Access to Medicines of PWDs]3 studies0.52%
Improving Access to Quality Hospitals and Health Care Facilities6 studies1.05%
Improving Provision of Public Health Services25 studies4.36%
Health Technology DevelopmentOthers [clinical trial]10 studies1.74%
Chronobiology1 study0.17%
Diagnostics13 studies2.26%
Drug Discovery and Development260 studies45.30%
Functional Food9 studies1.57%
Genomics/Molecular Technology20 studies3.48%
Hospital Equipment and Biomedical Devices5 studies0.87%
ICT in Health14 studies2.44%
Socio-environmental Health ConcernsOthers [Water Safety]9 studies1.57%
Environmental and Climate Changes3 studies0.52%
Health Social Sciences11 studies1.92%


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