2017 - 2022 (Holistic approaches to health and wellness)

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Public Name Status Date Registered
Documentation of Traditional Knowledge and Practices on Health and Development of Digital Library on Health . . .
Ongoing 01 Oct 2018
System and Manpower Requirements of Introducing Infant Massage to Mothers/Caregivers in Selected Health Centers in Quezon City . . .
Completed 05 Dec 2019
The Effect of a Fan Blowing Air on the Face to Relieve Dyspnea in Filipino Patients with Terminal Cancer  . . .
Completed 24 Mar 2020
Effect of Preferred Music to the Pain and Anxiety Level Experienced During Labor
Ongoing 20 Apr 2020
List of Medicinal Plants Used by Traditional Eskaya Healers in Bohol, Philippines
Completed 28 Jul 2020
Ethnomedicinal plants of the Aeta of Sitio Target, Barangay Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines . . .
Completed 24 Aug 2020
The short term effects of Biomechanical Taping on fascia slide on extensor digitorum communis, electromyographic activities of upper extremity muscles, static maximum handgrip strength, lateral elbow . . .
Ongoing 06 Oct 2020
 The In-vitro Anthelmintic Activity of Papaya Seeds and Leaves Against STH Using Caenorhabditis elegans Model . . .
Completed 18 May 2022
Models, facilitators and barriers to the integration of traditional medicine into the national health systems of China, India and Thailand: Implication on policy decisions in the Philippines . . .
Ongoing 16 May 2022
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