Immunogenicity, reactogenicity and safety of a booster dose of MenACWY-TT vaccine (PF-06866681).




A phase IIIb, open study to evaluate the immunogenicity, reactogenicity and safety of a booster dose of MenACWY-TT vaccine administered 10 years after healthy subjects aged 11-17 years received either MenACWY-TT vaccine (Nimenrix®) or Mencevax ACWY®

Subjects aged 11-17 years of age were vaccinated with one dose of either MenACWY-TT or Mencevax ACWY in study MenACWY-TT-036 (109069). The participants from India and the Philippines were further followed for the assessment of persistence in study MenACWY-TT-043 (112148). Unless they withdrew their consent, subjects were invited for a yearly blood sample, regardless of their serostatus at the previous persistence time point, up to Year 5 after primary vaccination. Five years after vaccination the percentage of subjects with rSBA titres ≥ 1:8 for the 4 meningococcal serogroups A, C, W-135, and Y ranged between 86.0% - 97.5% in the Nimenrix vaccinees and between 34.9% - 93.0% in the subjects vaccinated with Mencevax ACWY.
A booster dose 5 years after vaccination has already been assessed in individuals primed at the age of 11-25 years. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of a booster dose of MenACWY-TT vaccine administered 10 years after healthy subjects aged 11-17 years
received either a single dose of meningococcal serogroup ACWY tetanus toxoid conjugate (MenACWY-TT) vaccine or Mencevax ACWY. The primary vaccination study MenACWY-TT-036 (109069) was conducted in India, the Philippines and Taiwan. The MenACWY-TT-043 (112148) persistence study up to Year 5 after primary vaccination included only India and the Philippines. Due to Good Clinical Practice issues in India, this booster study will only be conducted in the Philippines.

Start Date Duration in Months Target Completion Date Actual Completion Date
2017-05-22 13 2018-06-22 0000-00-00


Institution Classification Region LTO #
Pfizer Inc. - USA Private Business United States of America N/A
Institution Classification Region LTO #
ICON Clinical Research Services Inc. Private Business NCR CDRR-NCR-CRO-10
Institution Region
Pfizer Inc. NCR
Name E-Mail Institution and Institution Address
Irish Sales irish.sales@iconplc.com ICON Clinical Research 24th Floor Salcedo Towers, 169 HV Dela Costa Street Makati City 1229
Name E-Mail Institution and Institution Address
Irish Sales irish.sales@iconplc.com ICON Clinical Research 24th Floor Salcedo Towers, 169 HV Dela Costa Street Makati City 1229
Name Expertise Affiliation
Beatriz P. Quiambao, MD Pediatrician and Infectious Diseases Research Institute for Tropical Medicine
Project Location Institutional Ethics Review Board
Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Institutional Review Board

Meningococcal diseases cased by Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A, C, W-135 and Y

One month post-booster vaccination with MenACWY-TT vaccine in each of the study groups:

  • To evaluate the immunogenicity of a booster dose of MenACWY-TT conjugate vaccine in terms of the percentage of subjects with an rSBA-MenA, rSBA-MenC, rSBA-MenW-135, rSBA-MenY Booster response*.

*Booster response to meningococcal antigens (A, C, W-135 and Y) is defined as:

  • For initially seronegative subjects (pre-vaccination rSBA titer  below 1:8): rSBA antibody titer ≥ 1:32 one month after vaccination, and
  • For initially seropositive subjects (pre-vaccination rSBA titer ³ 1:8): at least four-fold increase in rSBA titers from pre-vaccination to one month after vaccination.



  • Philippines

Clinical Trial









All subjects must satisfy ALL the following criteria at study entry:
 Subjects who, in the opinion of the investigator, can and will comply, with the
requirements of the protocol (e.g. completion of the diary cards, return for follow-up
 Written informed consent obtained from the subject prior to performing any study
specific procedure.
 Healthy male or female subjects as established by medical history and historydirected
physical examination before entering into the study.
 Having completed the vaccination in study MenACWY-TT-036 (109069) as per
 Female subjects of non-childbearing potential may be enrolled in the study.
 Non-childbearing potential is defined as pre-menarche, hysterectomy, bilateral
ovariectomy or post-menopause.
Please refer to the GLOSSARY OF TERMS for the definitions of menarche and
 Male subjects able to father children and female subjects of childbearing potential
(including females who have had tubal ligation) and at risk for pregnancy may be
enrolled in the study, if the subject:
 has practiced adequate contraception for 30 days prior to vaccination, and
  1.  has a negative pregnancy test on the day of vaccination (for females only), and
  2.  has agreed to continue adequate contraception during the entire treatment period
and for 2 months after completion of the vaccination.

The following criteria should be checked at the time of study entry. If ANY exclusion
criterion applies, the subject must not be included in the study:
 Use of any investigational or non-registered product (drug or vaccine) other than the
study vaccine within 30 days preceding the dose of study vaccine, or planned use
during the study period.
 Chronic administration (defined as more than 14 days in total) of
immunosuppressants or other immune-modifying drugs within six months prior to
the vaccine dose. For corticosteroids, this will be  10 mg/day prednisone, or
equivalent. Inhaled, topical, and intra-articular steroids are allowed.
 Administration of a vaccine not foreseen by the study protocol within the period
starting 30 days before and ending 30 days after the study vaccine dose, with the
exception of a licensed inactivated influenza vaccine which can be administered at
any time during the study according to the local recommendations.
 Administration of immunoglobulins and/or any blood products within the 3 months
preceding the study vaccination or planned administration during the booster
vaccination phase of the study (i.e. between Visit 1 and Visit 2).
 Concurrently participating in another clinical study, at any time during the study
period, in which the subject has been or will be exposed to an investigational or a
non-investigational vaccine/product (pharmaceutical product or device).
 Previous vaccination with meningococcal vaccine except the meningococcal
vaccination received in the MenACWY-TT-036 study.
 Any confirmed or suspected immunosuppressive or immunodeficient condition
(congenital or secondary), including human immunodeficiency virus infection, based
on medical history and physical examination (no laboratory testing required).
 Family history of congenital or hereditary immunodeficiency.
 History of any reaction or hypersensitivity likely to be exacerbated by any
component of the vaccine, and history of serious allergic reaction (anaphylaxis)
following the administration of vaccine(s).
 Major congenital defects or serious chronic illness.
 History of any neurological disorders or seizures, including GBS. History of a
simple, single febrile seizure is permitted.
 Acute disease and/or fever at the time of vaccination.
 Fever is defined as temperature ≥ 37.5°C for oral, axillary or tympanic route, or
≥ 38.0°C for rectal route. The preferred route for recording temperature in this
study will be oral.
 Subjects with a minor illness (such as mild diarrhoea, mild upper respiratory
infection) without fever may be vaccinated at the discretion of the investigator.
 Subjects who are investigational site staff members directly involved in the
conduct of the study and their family members, site staff members otherwise
supervised by the investigator, or subjects who are Pfizer employees directly
involved in the conduct of the study.
 Pregnant or lactating female.
 Female planning to become pregnant or planning to discontinue contraceptive
 Male subjects able to father children who are planning to discontinue
contraceptive precautions.



The vaccine (MenACWY-TT) to be used in this study was acquired by Pfizer on

01 October 2015.

The vaccine is labelled and packed according to applicable regulatory requirements.      

Study vaccine

Treatment name

product name



Volume to be administered

Number of doses



PSA=5µg TT; PSC=5µg TT; PSW₁₃₅=5µg TT; PsY=5µg TT; TT~=44µg

Lyophilized pellet to be reconstituted with saline diluent

 0.5 ml





**The lyophilized pellet of MenACWY-TT vaccine is to be reconstituted with the supplied saline solution.



Open Label



The subjects in this study will be allocated to the same groups as in the vaccination study MenACWY-TT-036 (109069). Subjects will be allocated a new treatment number, but will retain the same subject number as in MenACWY-TT-036.

Phase III

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